Sunday, June 9, 2013

The New Me

I have read you should up date your profile picture regularly.  My response has been, "yeah, I know, I will get around to it". I have been saying it  for a while now. I have intended to schedule a session with a professional photographer.

The other day, I went into one of my favorite stores on island, Island Empire. It is a furniture store specializing in imported teak furnishings, and they sell pretty much everything you need to decorate your home. I have been circling for some new chairs for my master bedroom I expanded awhile ago.  I found a set I liked, but I needed to measure one last time before I made the purchase and their sale started the next day. I returned to the store the next day to make the purchase. After assisting me with the purchase, the general manger, Harriet, remarked, "I was on your website, it is very informative, interactive, and features some great properties.  I really like your hair cut, it suits your face. Your picture  on your website looks like your grandmother, you should up date it".

She was right, the photo is at least seven years old.  Over a year ago, I  lost 50 pounds and got back into an exercise routine and was feeling pretty good about myself.  I told Harriet the reason I had my hair cut was that I was watching one of Tyler Perry's films and realized my hair looked like the wig the character, Ma dear was wearing in the film. Harriet burst into laughter and said, "Boy, that will send you running to the beautician!"; and it had. I made the change but I hadn't updated my profile picture.

So,  Sunday, after hiking the Magen's Bay trail and watching dolphins frolic in the water (they are not always there but they were Sunday). My friend took some shots of me. We agreed this was the best one and I am going to use it as my new profile picture.

Thank you Harriet for your honesty and the push I needed.  The chairs are the perfect touch too.

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