Friday, August 2, 2013

A Peterborg Kind of Day, St. Thomas Open Houses

Wednesday was open house day on St. Thomas. There were two homes open in Peterborg . Peterborg is a neighborhood on the North side of St. Thomas. The neighborhood is on the  peninsula that helps to create world famous Magen's Bay.

Both homes are located on the Atlantic side of the peninsula of Peterborg. This side of Peterborg tends to be cooler. The breezes coming in off the deeper, cooler, Atlantic water and  are naturally more comfortable. The homes on the bay side tend to be a little warmer and require more air conditioning. 

Take a look and see which home you would prefer.

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During the past year, four homes have sold in Peterborg on St. Thomas. The selling  prices ranged from $560,000 for a three bedroom three bath 2,400 square foot home, which sold for 86.8% of it's asking price after being on the market for 117 days;  to  a $1.6 million, five bedroom six and a half bathroom home that was more than 5000 square feet and  sold for 86.5% of it's 1.85 million dollar asking price after being on the market for 140 days. Click to see what homes are available in Peterborg. Prices in Peterborg run from the low half million dollar range to several million depending on the home and specific location; waterfront, of course, runs a lot higher. This is a rocky coast line for the most part.

If you are looking for the perfect home on St. Thomas, Peterborg is a great neighborhood to explore. Please call Van Blake-Coleman Realty for appointments to view homes in the area. 

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