Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter from the U.S. Virgin Islands

While we don't have melting snow with crocus peaking through the melting snow; there are quieter changes in the Virgin Islands with the advent of spring.

One of the measures of winter in the Virgin Islands is the onset of what we call the Christmas Winds. They are pleasantly cool breezes that blow from mid February, unit early spring. When they are here you hardly notice the height of the mid-afternoon heat. Most of us have to sleep with light blankets and some wear sweaters and pull out wool clothing.  There is a noticeable lowering in the temperature of the Caribbean waters.

During the past few days, I have noticed the bite of the high sun in the afternoon. So don't forget your sun block.

The Caribbean waters begin to warm and those who have the option to swim here year around prefer to wait for the warmer waters. Yea, more beach time!

Normally my orchids bloom in November or December, this year they chose to bloom in late March.  I love the combination of the Orchid and the Bromeliads shown in the picture above. I have a lot to learn about growing orchids, I think I may have them in too much direct sun. I have several others who have pink and purple blossoms but I have not had success in getting them to produce flowers.  I will keep trying.

In the mean time, enjoy the new signs of life wherever you live, celebration of the resurrection and  life in general!