Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Things to Do When You Visit St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

First let me warn you that if you are where you need to be quiet, you might want to turn off the sound on your device.

A good friend came to  visit me in St. Thomas and I played tourist on St. Thomas and St. John as well. My friend is one of these very organized traveler and had selected some things to do while visiting St. Thomas. 

Zip lining is not something I would ordinarily do in St. Thomas or anywhere for that matter.  But Trying to be a good host, I agreed.

"Tree Limin' Extreme" is definitely something I would recommend if anyone ask me about things to do when you visit St. Thomas. There are six lines and two bridges.  It is extremely well built and managed. Located on the North side of the island I guarantee you will have a good time here if you are looking for something to do on St. Thomas.

The"stupid" comment was because I was trying to turn the line around, which of course you cannot do.  you have to switch your hands and your body will change directions.

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