Thursday, November 1, 2012

St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands - Ready to Help you Buy or Sell Real Estate

                                                       Aisha Watley - my stylist
                         Phoenix Visions Hair Design, in Crown Bay Marina, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

I have lived in the Virgin Islands for almost nine years now, helping people sell and buy real estate. As with any profession, it is important to maintain a neat, professional image.  With the tropical, humid atmosphere it can truly be a struggle here in the U.S. Virgin Islands. I have had a number of stylists who have done my hair well, but  for the most part, by the time I reached my car in the parking lot and looked in the mirror I could not tell I had been to the hairdressers. A little frustrating.  I have tried relaxers, twists and a host of other processes, I didn't have the patience for locks, all to no avail.

Early this year, when it was time for a trim, I called Sharon, a stylist I had been to before, she owns a shop in French Town and is a good stylist but she was off island. She said, "I hear there is a new stylist in town and I have heard a lot of good things about her. She is good with all hair textures". She gave me the name of a shop, Phoenix Visions Hair Designs and specifically  the name of Aisha. I have never had a stylist recommend another person before in  St. Thomas, U.S Virgin Islands or anywhere else I have lived. I needed to have my hair done so I took a chance,  I called 340 774 1944, and made an appointment.

From the moment I walked in, Aisha Watley, made me feel it was about me and what I wanted. She took my hair loose and familiarize herself with it's texture,  Aisha asked a lot of questions about how I felt and what I wanted. I'd just lost  a fair amount of weight and wanted a new look, to go with the new me. She asked about  concerns I had, my  hair care routine and habits. I told her I had been searching for a minimal care routine as I was hugely busy and I go to the gym regularly.  Aisha made recommendations for day to day care,  and suggested a style, I could wear either straight or naturally curly.  I stepped out on faith and allowed her to do what she recommended. Aisha sent me home with products to use for both a straight look and a curly/wash and go look.

I loved the results, but I was still skeptical with the straight/ flat iron effect. I made it to the car and peaked in the mirror, my hair still looked great. I made it home, it still looked great! I was amazed. When I decided to go curly, the results was equally as satisfying.

I have since, recommended many friends and business associates to Aisha and Phoenix Visions Hair Designs. They have each reported positive experiences with Aisha. The most recent  referral is a male customer who  is new to the island. I had noticed a lot of men and children too,  enjoying services, while I was having my hair done, all of them leave looking great.

The shop is well organized, they are ready for you when you arrive for your appointment. They give you a call to remind you of your appointment the day before.  As a real estate professional.  I have a busy schedule with things constantly coming up, and this is really appreciated.  They are a full service salon, manicures, pedicures, massages, waxing, and they offer wedding packages and services for other special occasions.

Today  I decided I wanted to go even shorter. Aisha, did not hesitate, she asked a few crucial questions and went to work. I have a fresh, short, sassy look!  So if you live in St. Thomas,  are vacationing, or getting married here and need any salon services, check out Phoenix Visions Hair Design and ask for Aisha.

If you are in The Virgin Islands and are abuyer, seller or  want to rent property call me at 340 344 2959.  With my fresh, sassy look, thanks to Aisha, I will help you find the perfect place.

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